Our Vision

Today, high school students find college and career readiness opportunities by visiting their counselors or combing through countless online postings for college students or high school graduates. We know that current high school students want to pursue work-based learning experiences to build their resumes and learn critical skills, but this is difficult due to the lack of a centralized directory for them to browse. That's why we stepped up and started aggregating these opportunities to create a single source that high school students around the country can utilize to pursue their goals. The goal of Oppti is to empower the youth by helping them find opportunities to grow and create impact in the world!

We want all high schools to know that we work to support their goal of helping students prepare for the future. When students volunteer and complete internships, they experience many benefits, including:

  • increased chances of college admission

  • enhanced preparation for the work force

  • great improvements in leadership and soft skills

  • satisfaction of graduation requirements

Supportive Quotes

Teri Dary


Chair, NCASL
National Coalition for Academic Service Learning

"We are in critical need of
a fundamental shift in teaching practices. One particularly promising practice is academic service-learning, through which students are actively engaged in applying knowledge and skills as they work to solve complex problems in the community."

- Engaging Students Through                       
Academic Service-Learning                      

Ronald F. Ferguson


Senior Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School

Director, Achievement Gap Initiative

"Teens who have good high school work experiences are more likely to be inspired to stay in school, graduate, and adopt ambitious goals."

Pathways to Prosperity                       

Harvard Graduate School of Education  

Michael J. Benson


Professor,  University of Southern Florida

Social Science Education

"Moreover, research suggests volunteering is very important as young people learn to interrelate with their community and develop the skills, values, and sense of empowerment necessary to become active citizens."

- Engaged Citizenship  Through E-service          

The School Superintendent  Association